Gambrel Barn

Roughly 25' X 35'
Hewn or sawn timbers

Gable Barn

25' X 35' to 30' X 40'
(no larger)
Prefer hewn timbers

Hunting Lodge

25' X 30' Barn or Out Building to convert
Hewn or sawn timbers

Old Oak Paddock Fence Boards!!!

Reclaimed and Milled Flooring

Many homeowners take pride in re-use, salvaged, and reclaimed wood for flooring. Reclaimed Douglas Fir, salvaged Pine, recycled Oak and Maple are popular choices for flooring applications. Wether it is reclaimed flooring or newly milled flooring from reclaimed materials, we can source the perfect flooring and installation for your custom projects.

Mixed Red and White Oak Flooring

This red and white oak mixed flooring was milled from materials reclaimed from a commercial barn located in southwest Louisiana. We have 10,000 sq ft of 3", 4", and 5" available. Lots are often mixed together for commercial jobs.

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Reclaimed Southern Heart Pine Flooring

Milled from reclaimed Southern Heart Pine, this Character grade flooring runs 7 inches wide.

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Reclaimed Oak Flooring Mixed Red and White

Milled from reclaimed fencing this flooring runs 4 1/2 inches wide.

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