Old Oak Paddock Fence Boards!!!

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NationalReclaimed.com is a North American resource for reclaimed lumber, reclaimed and salvaged whole wood structures.

We serve people and organizations dedicated to the re-use and recycling of eco-sustainable, old-growth wood and lumber, vintage wood, antique lumber, eco-recovered and salvaged wood and lumber for green building projects.

NationalReclaimed.com is a resource for all types and species of North American reclaimed woods. Geographic areas where we resource reclaimed wood include; the Appalachian Range and the Hudson River Valley in the Eastern U.S., the Ohio River Valley and the Mississippi River Valley in Mid United States, the Rocky Mountain Range and the Northwest Region of the U.S.

NationalReclaimed.com handles all types and species of reclaimed, recycled and salvaged wood and lumber including: Oak, Hickory, Old Growth Chestnut, Cherry, Douglas Fir, White Pine, Yellow Pine, Long Leaf Pine, Hemlock, Walnut and other species.

NationalReclaimed.com can also source green salvaged exotic species such as Mahogany and Cypress. If it was once timber grown in North America and harvested for use we can help you reuse!

Reclaimed Barn Wood

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National Reclamined.com is your resource for reclaimed lumber, reclaimed barn wood, barnwood siding, barn posts, barn beams and all old wood structures including whole log cabins, out-buildings and wood granaries.

We resource reclaimed and salvaged wood for all types of green building projects from historical structure approved replacement of exterior siding and trim to reclaimed hardwood for your new home.